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Show HN: InboxFee – make strangers pay for their cold emails (inboxfee.com)
28 points by brugeman 10 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

This seems to be yet another variation of the classic, mistaken belief that "your attention is so important that strangers will pay money to send you mail" [0].


[0]: https://www.rhyolite.com/anti-spam/you-might-be.html

It's not a mistaken belief. People have been paying forever for meet and greets, intros, and connections--ultimately it's just an expected value evaluation. There are plenty of celebrities and icons that will make a lot of money off of tools like this. Just look at the success of Cameo. A requirement for such a startup to be successful might be that they require the celebrity to open the email and respond, in order that the customer feels their message has gotten through, but I bet there are celebrities with so much clout that they could probably make money for doing less.

It definitely is a variation of that belief. Could you elaborate on why it is mistaken?

I think: 1. Whether something is valuable can only be discovered if you try to set a price and sell it. Until then, you can not know. 2. LinkedIn has big part of it's business selling 'InMail' at around 2$ per piece. So clearly some people's attention is so important that strangers do pay money to send them mail.

After seeing the the success of cameo.com, I think this could be a good way to get in touch with hard-to-reach influencers/celebrities/etc - might be a good way to send pitches to to high value contacts as well.

I looked closer, and it reminded me of https://thisstartupdoesnotexist.com

Could you please elaborate?

It looks kinda fake. The imaginary reviews I think are the part that remind me the most of the link above.

Well that's why they have 'imaginary' job titles :) Thank you for pointing this out.

This was actually earn.com

Right! But this time is a little different: - with Lightning Network fees are actually low, compared to on-chain - no need for a new email account, instead you can add inbox fee to existing email - full privacy, as your data never leaves your device, and payments are anonymous

This needs to be real.

It is, would you try it?


Best way to try?

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