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Show HN: Tragopan – Minimal, dependency-free pan/zoom JavaScript library (github.com)
69 points by dxchester 12 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 23 comments

We use this library on https://team.video for panning and zooming around in screenshares.

It can be really useful if you have situation where a colleague is sharing their hi-res screen, when meanwhile you're on a laptop with a lower-res screen, and you want to zoom in on their terminal or some part of the screenshare so that the text there can be easier to read.

Demo link -> https://team-video.github.io/tragopan/

This looks good, will check out for one of our projects.

it's always good to see companies joining OSS!

Looks nice! We've been looking for a lightweight solution to zooming on images in the issue tracker we're building [0]. Figured we'd end up rolling our own because we're trying to avoid adding heavy dependencies for these little things. But this looks great, we'll definitely give it a try!

0: https://kitemaker.co

Having infinite pan/zoom is a very exciting, you always have free room to write new things! I made BigPicture a few years ago for this purpose. Live demo: https://josephernest.github.io/bigpicture.js/index.html

Note: I never did a mobile version, so it only works on desktop; same for the website https://bigpictu.re/demo

Nice, that is a cool concept. Part of the motivation with tragopan was to see if using native scrolling could be a more natural fit especially on mobile, versus the more common way of using transform/translate.

On BigPicture, two bits of feedback for what it's worth:

- Maybe try `user-select: none` while a user is panning? Otherwise I end up inadvertently selecting text sometimes when I try to pan around, especially in Firefox

- I couldn't figure out how to make a given bit of text bigger or smaller, like the demo shows is obviously possible. I did make it happen a few times but then couldn't understand what steps had actually led to the change... Maybe some instructions on that, or just a floating toolbar could help (even though the toolbar-less aesthetic and approach is otherwise pretty nice!)

Scroll zoom on the demo image is very choppy for me. Not sure if it's my screen or the library itself.

Agreed. I'm using the latest version of Firefox.

Which OS? There is an issue open for Firefox on iOS: https://github.com/team-video/tragopan/issues/3. Is yours different?

Firefox on Linux.

What browser/os was giving you trouble?

Firefox on Linux

Thank you.

I'm finding it very choppy and jumpy Safari Version 13.1.1 (14609. Mojave 10.14.6

Is the toolbar jumpy (which is a known problem, I've just opened an issue for it at https://github.com/team-video/tragopan/issues/5), or is the zooming jumpy?

It works well on Chrome for desktop.

On the demo page, it looks like you're using CSS that isn't supported by most browsers, which might be what causes the flickering / jank on Safari.

  width: max-length;
  scrollbar-width: none;

Very jumpy on my iphone with firefox or chrome, sadly. Okay with safari. I suspect it’s the shoddy version of webkit apple forces upon moz and google.

Nice effort. I applaud any efforts to make a dependency free anything in js.

Thanks for the report - I've filed it at https://github.com/team-video/tragopan/issues/3

I couldn't reproduce the Chrome jumpiness - what version of Chrome/iOS was giving you trouble?

Latest ios. Chrome 70.0.3538.75. It’s a little better in chrome than ff, but when I pan up and down in chrome it jumps.

Okay, thanks.

Can you write a bit about why this over other pan zoom libs.

I've opened an issue to track this request: https://github.com/team-video/tragopan/issues/4

Very smooth

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