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Ask HN: Who needs help with your open-source project?
2 points by soneca 15 days ago | hide | favorite | 1 comment
While looking for a project to contribute to, I thought about creating a thread similar to "Who is hiring?" but for requests for help from open source projects.

So, if you are part of an open-source project looking for contributors, please post below.

A suggestion for the post format...

Name of the project:

Site/repo link:


Expected level of proficiency in the stack: ("novice", "intermediate", "advanced", or "expert")

Help needed:

Best way to contribute:

Preferred form of contact:

Name of the project: Project Gemstone (Placeholder)

Elevator pitch: Another Linux distribution built from scratch. However I would like it to be a testing ground for technologies from other distros and put them into a more DevOpsy and server / embedded focused distribution. Think of Clear OS, CoreOS (Pre-RH purchase), Alpine Linux, and NixOS / GUIX.

Site/repo link: https://github.com/project-gemstone

Note: It's somewhat bare, there has been few commits lately as I've been working on a new bootstrapping process to get a running system in a private repo. (If you have indepth knowledge of cross compile toolchains that would be a big help!)

Tech/languages: shell / bash, make, C, Go

Expected level of proficiency in the stack: intermediate to expert

Help needed: More than anything I would like some interested parties who are interested in creating a linux system from scratch in different architectures and like the idea of being apart of a project that's creating a new distro.

Best way to contribute: Docs to code or issues relating to bootstrapping.

Preferred form of contact: unlandj2012@gmail.com

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