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Show HN: A QEMU port for iOS that you can sideload (getutm.app)
31 points by osy 13 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

You might have seen the preview few months ago. I’ve ported QEMU to iOS complete with JIT support and it can run Windows XP, ArchLinux, etc pretty well on latest Apple hardware (no jailbreak needed!).

Since then we’ve added a console mode, suspend/resume, multitasking, a variety of input options including Magic Keyboard support and a whole lot more. It’s finally stable enough for general use.

Sadly, with current Apple policies regarding code emulation, this will likely never be accepted into the App Store. That is why so many people are wishing for official sideloading support in future iOS releases. Until then, we are distributing UTM with https://altstore.io/, an unofficial sideloading solution for jailbroken and non-jailbroken devices alike. Please share your feedback!

I read your release months ago; thank you for sticking with this! Although it is not perfect (because of Apple!), it is much appreciated as experiment and to see what this could be like!

Interesting! Not sure if I’d want to use a desktop UI on a tiny phone but could be neat on tablets. Then with the reports Apple might be dumping Intel and going with their own ARM based chips for Macs too, seems like could open up the door to still running x64 based operating systems like Windows or Linux where you your applications are still x64.

I wonder if you'd consider also creating a deb for Jailbreak users? There are alternate ways of installing IPAs on Jailbroken devices, but it's easier/cleaner to just install a deb in Cydia.

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