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Show HN: A policy engine for calendar time blocking (reclaim.ai)
7 points by Lightbody 14 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 4 comments

Hello Hacker News!

Even though I'm only modestly active, Hacker News and its community have been a staple in my life pretty much since launch, through 3 startups and 3 kids. So I'd love to hear what folks think of my latest creation.

We launched it last week and have pretty different messaging than "policy engine" for the general public. But for this audience I figured it's a more helpful description.

I'd love to answer any questions about the product or the technical details for how we built it. And of course, feedback is very welcome.

Thank you!

Hi there! This is a great product idea and deserves more attention on HN. Please ask @dang to see if he can get your more front-page time.

One point of feedback: you mention "policy engine" in your Show HN title but your website uses the word "habits". You should use consistent messaging.

Ha I’ll give it a shot. I’d love more exposure, not just because it’s a bit self serving but also because time management is a topic I care a ton about.

Re: phrasing... I purposely chose a more techie (and I suppose accurate) term here. But we didn’t for our default messaging because “regular” people wouldn’t really grok a “policy engine”. Or perhaps you’re saying you think they would? :)

I'm saying that you should pick a term, make sure everyone groks your meaning, and stick to it. :-)

I used to work for an organization that was extremely meeting-heavy. My colleague would block his entire calendar on Fridays just so he could have a day free to focus on getting things done.

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