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Show HN: I built an unstoppable database for reporting police misconduct (policeaccountabilitynow.org)
11 points by anonphenom 15 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 7 comments

How will you prevent this from filling with spam? Are you manually approving submissions in some way?

Where is the actual data kept? if IPFS is just the file system then where is the storage?

On the ethereum blockchain + anyone can replicate our pinset on IPFS by running the following:

> ipfs-cluster-follow pan-backup-cluster init http://ipfs.policeaccountabilitynow.org:8080/ipfs/QmWR7Ko9pg...

Full docs: https://policeaccountabilitynow.org/docs/ipfs-access/

"unstoppable", how?

Presumably referring to it using IPFS - which means there's no central hosting for the cops to try and shut down...

Looks like the http://dapp.policeaccountabilitynow.org domain and the bundle.js it's hosting could be targeted, but all the content for the (single) report comes from urls like https://damp-lingering-feather.kovan.quiknode.pro/b7169106fd... - which would presumably be available from any other public IPFS gateway (or directly from IPFS)

I don't think anything is actually stored on IPFS is it? There must be a centralized server somewhere with the actual data. IPFS is just the file system, not the storage.

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