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I haven't thought too deeply on it yet, but:

- ram usage today has gone from ~1.1GB to ~1.6GB

- DigitalOcean prices ram linearly at $5/GB (I'm currently on a $10/month droplet)

Today is a big spike obviously (the number of thumbs up/thumbs down events have gone from 3K to almost 10K today, vs going from 0 to 3K since February). But say I continue to grow ram usage at 0.5GB per week (growth hopefully won't be linear, but I'd say that's a pretty steep linear growth rate for now). That means my hosting costs would increase at a rate of $10/month which is not bad at all.

That's probably the crappiest scale estimation ever made ha ha, but I believe at least that I should have plenty of time to figure out a reliable marketing channel before I do any major re-architecting. Maybe some time I'll do a stress test on my laptop to get a better sense of how RAM usage increases with additional data.

I've been at 10s of weekly active users. I guess this should handle 100s just fine, but maybe not 1000s.

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