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Managerialism and Civil Service (pedestrianobservations.com)
3 points by luu 4 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 2 comments

> "The upshot is that if you don’t trust any of your workers (public choice theory, again) and do trust the managerial elite to be able to run all industries equally, then you can just do whatever you want and blame the inevitable failure on the workers being too stupid or incompetent."

Strong statement.

This is probably reflective of associating with people in technology and/or idealists, but two assumptions about business culture were a surprise to me.

1. Business culture thinks scale doesn't matter. Commentators writers talking about tech seem to get that it does (Stratechery, etc).

2. That faith in managers means the manager can just blame employees, in contrast to the idea that failures should typically be examined in terms of the whole system (Deming). This one was not surprising per se, since managers scapegoating employees is a super common phenomenon. But I would not have thought it was part of managerialism per se.

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