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I'm more than a bit skeptical about the claims, the presentation reeks of sophistry. "Exceeding industrial farm yields" per what and for what inputs?

The claims about not needing nuclear energy because of it are fuzzy headed nonsequitors based on what is ideologically fashionable and sounds superficially good. Barring already fringe ideas involving mass desalination nobody claims a need for nuclear for agriculture in the first place. It is like smuggly declaring trucks obsoleted by your feet and then backing out when asked to haul 20 tons of concrete 200 miles.

Organic farming efforts often show an outright willful ignorance towards existing farming practices as "the enemy" as opposed to a starting point to understand how it works and how to mitigate flaws in favor of small scale wheel reinvention and number dodging. Its purpose is seems to be far more about identity than any practicality. "New Alchemy" is a good accidental description but not for the reasons they think.

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