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Have you ever read or attempted to implement a portion of the SVG specification?

It's absurdly complex, and there is little guarantee that the SVG spec is implemented completely and identically in different environments. I know of several native GUI SDKs that do not support a large portion of the spec.

Even something that should be easy like doing a wireframe or mockup in Sketch, exporting to SVG, then displaying that exported SVG in a browser on the same machine can display jarring errors in the rendered image.

And most of the cool shit in SVG - like embedded JS and the filters spec - are where those issues rear their heads.

What I'm saying is that SVG is as much a shitshow as HTML. It's just HTML with additional drawing semantics anyway.

Ah, thanks for the info. I was imagining just manipulating it in the browser via JS; no direct export, but a re-implementation of a mock-up, perhaps.

I think it could be utilized more often for simple presentational components, such as dialogue boxes or modals, or for various bezier-piece paths.

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