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Show HN: I built this reusable Auth Server to handle logins/signups to save time (github.com)
7 points by ngduc 18 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 8 comments

I only see code about Post and Users. Where's the actual login/register logic?

Also, how's the JWT token is being transferred to the main app? More information on that would be great I think to include in your README.

Hi kostarelo, The auth logic is here - https://github.com/authui/authui-server/blob/master/src/type... After calling the login api, it will respond with a token which contains a valid userId. I am updating the Readme. Thanks.


Is this like a stand alone auth system? (eg https://github.com/openthc/sso ) or must it be embedded in app?

It can be both. a Login component (template) can be embedded or user can implement their own component and connect to AuthUI endpoints.

package.json says "license": "MIT"

Would be nice to have an explicit LICENSE file.

Added. Thanks karmakaze!

Any feedback or suggestion is welcome! Thanks.

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