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Success of Y Combinator startups?
10 points by globalrev on July 3, 2008 | hide | past | favorite | 14 comments
Is there a review of all the ycombinator startups somewhere?

I think I have seen such data before, at least about how many of them were still businesses out of the total number of funded companies.

(Btw is it Firefox or Hacker news that is correcting spelling?)

Of 80 we funded prior to the current cycle, 55 are still operating, 6 were acquired, and 1 merged with another YC-funded startup, meaning 18 have died. I don't know details of all the live ones' revenues.

There are 22 in the summer cycle, so the total funded is 102, representing roughly 250 founders.

So if they continue being acquired and dying at the same rate a YC startup has a 24-28% chance of acquisition (depending whether you count the merged startup as an acquisition or a death).

It should be higher, because deaths tend to happen faster than acquisitions.

Rankedindex would be pretty handy if it sorted numeric columns by their numeric rather than ascii value. 900 < 8000

It's not Hacker News correcting spelling, and Firefox obviously did a poor job.

What do you mean by "review"? TechCrunch "reviews" many of the YCombinator funded startups when they first launch, so you could search there. I remember seeing a large list of the companies and their "status" (e.g. acquired, funded, etc). However, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Y_Combinator is the only list I can find at the moment which isn't very comprehensive.

English probably isn't his first language (the errors he makes suggest he is a native speaker of a Western? Slavic language).

You have to give non-native speakers a break. I know I sound significantly dumber than I am in French and Spanish.

Hmm I always thought I speak and write english really well. I have also been told so by a number of americans but then it perhaps has been in comparisment perhaps with other europeans :)

I am swedish btw.

Frankly, your English is imperfect. But, you communicate well enough to get your point across. So, I estimate you are more effective than most non-native English speakers.

In any event, I'll offer you three hints that may help you reach fluency. First, you are less likely to make errors and more likely to be understood if you use simple sentience structures. Second, never use the word such. Third, always capitalize American.

So how should I write: "I think I have seen such data before" 1: I think I have seen data like that before 2: I think I have seen that kind of data before

Where did I misspell?

Anyway I ment measuring the success. How many are actually making money(I mena not just having revenue but revenue > expenses).



There's a list here: http://ycombinator.com/faq.html

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