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PS5 (playstation.com)
42 points by smaili 29 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 12 comments

It's Gran Turismo! Graaaaan Turismoooo!

Can't wait for the Sony marketing hot takes, like "PS5 will allow you to live in the matrix!" Or "The game characters on PS5 are like real living, breathing people with their own lives and backstories. When you play a PS5 game it's like interacting with another living person."

LoL, well that's par for the course. Though the hardware really is interesting, particularly the storage. Having more priority queues on the in-built flash storage, and having guaranteed flash storage to begin with, really do change the game. For the first time in a long time, a console is actually offering something that is not really doable on the vast majority of PCs. It's something like gaming with 128GiB of RAM and four extra cores, and running vmtouch on the whole game directory before playing.

A lot of that breathtaking Unreal Engine 5 demo (the one that is so visually rich that you really have to watch it on Vimeo rather than YouTube to get the experience, because of excessive YouTube compression) hinges on the PS5's huge storage advantage.

They might push the pc market to value ssd more. PS5 will demonstrate the effectiveness of having large ssd for immersive experience. Pc gamers will demand this feature as well.

Personally, the console looked a tad ugly, like it's trying too hard. But immensely optimistic about how games will be leveraging the hardware itself. Can't wait to see the Unreal 5 demo being brought to life in a AAA game!

Yeah! also looks low on practicality without flat surface

1m viewers on Twitch. Pretty crazy https://www.twitch.tv/playstation

1m viewers is like your average youtuber eating a sandwhich.

YouTube was over 2.5M

Is there a name for this aesthetic? It feels like the future as envisioned in 1995.

This might be the most disappointing Sony event I've ever watched.

I'd have to disagree with you, they showed a wide diverse selection of games, and anyone who expects to love every game in a selection like that frankly has unrealistic standards.

One thing I will criticise, it's the lack of information. We don't still know the price, the release date, whether it will support backwards compatibility, etc.

I agree. I wanted to preorder, but now I feel like I can wait.

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