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Show HN: Realtime, Intent Based Keyword Research Combined with Audience Insights (getkeywords.io)
19 points by saurabhblogbing 22 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 1 comment


Saurabh here - Co-Founder at GetKeywords.io

Keyword Research is no more linked to Search Volume or CPC only. It's now more focused on understanding your audience about their search pattern, location, device, click ratio, competitors and a lot lot more. Also the industry is changing every second - so if you're showing even 1 hour old data, it's useless.

That's why we decided to launch GetKeywords.io - Keyword Research product focused on Realtime Metrics using multiple data providers & intent based suggestions to make the search easy, fast & accurate with city level targeting possibility.

Happy to learn from your feedbacks.

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