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jMockups Can Now Automatically Create Detailed Specs Of Your Website Mockups (jmockups.com)
44 points by matt1 on March 20, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments

Great blog post Matt. I've been using jMockups on and off and I really like it. I'm a designer and it really speeds up the process of iterating through ideas.

That being said, Matt, it'd be awesome(for you, as marketing material perhaps) if you could showcase how jMockups helped increase sales/conversion rate of a certain website that uses your product.

Keep hustling man!

Tools like this are meant to streamline and speed up your design process rather than specifically increase your sales or conversion rate. One wouldn't ask that about an IDE, for instance, or a photo editing program.

Is there something similar that works with Blueprint (or such) ?

This is very _cool_, but Blueprint style col/row instead of absolute positions will be a bit better.

I could implement that if its something more folks are interested in. Maybe give users the options to specify the 960gs options or Blueprint positioning, etc.

If this works: name your price, I'll pay it.

Or stacklayout.com ;)

The jMockups demo crashes my Chrome tab. It's been like this every time I try it. Chrome beta 10.0.648.151 and Win7. Really odd, crashes normally never happen.

Can you email me so we can troubleshoot? (I don't see a contact email in your profile.) I'd love to narrow down the cause. matt@jmockups.com

I like the new feature That you added it really helps out the developers when they have to develop out the design.

This is great stuff Matt. Your continued, valuable iterations of this product are inspiring! Keep up the good work.

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