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Show HN: Get an email when your favorite director releases a movie (directoralerts.website)
23 points by samteeeee 23 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Fun! I'd love if you provided groupings to make it easy to subscribe.

E.g. _Directors who make great Film Noir_

Obviously these are subjective but perhaps can be useful suggestions

I do believe that is possible with the TMDb API. I'll see if I can add that feature at some point.

That's fun ! I don't think i've ever needed something like this for major directors (usually you hear about the movie months in advance / see trailers), but it might be helpful for less famous ones.

Edit: I tried with two french directors I like, and there weren't in the database (they are on TMDB though).

Please let me know their names, I'll make sure they're added!

Yes ! I tried Cedric Klapisch and Antonin Baudry.

Cedric has been added, but I cannot find Antonin Baudry on TMDb...

Btw, Do you have to add them all manually ? Couldn't you just bulk download a list of all living directors and add them to your list ?

What a great project! I think it's wonderfully simple, and still very useful.

One bug: pasting into the list doesn't seem to trigger the auto suggest menu until after a 2nd keystroke. So to add a director, I have to paste, and then hit the delete key, and then finally click their name.

Glad you like it! Thanks for the note about pasting issues. I can see the author of the tagging lib that I used is working on a fix for that: https://github.com/yairEO/tagify/issues/535

This is great! Now I'll never miss another Alan Smithee film.

Awesome! Subscribed to a few great directors.

But for some reason I cannot add Paul Verhoeven to the list. He's just not there.

I was going to add him and David Cronenberg -- both oddly missing.

Cronenberg has now been added, thanks for the heads up!

The legendary Paul Verhoeven has now been added, thanks!

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