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I find myself watching a lot of good Youtube content that isn't even directly related to me. For example, I'm a guitar player, but I love watching Davie504 and TwoSetViolin. Slap like now!

Likewise for programming I'm mainly interested in Common Lisp and only occasionally toy around with other languages (I actually loved learning Perl5 and miss it dearly. Perl 6 just makes my head spin.). Even so, I watch a lot of Youtube tutorials that cover or overlap things that are interesting to me just to see how those "other language" handle things.

Hell I even let ads play through on videos I like, and autistic me absolutely hates ads. And I upvote every video I enjoy. There are a tonne of videos on every particular subject - watch and emulate the popular ones and you could easily amass an audience. Including people like me who don't actually do any python programming, but enjoy taking the occasional ride. It's definitely worth it if you have the personality for it.

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