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Percona | REMOTE | Database Engineers | Full-Time | https://www.percona.com/

Unbiased Open Source Database Experts.

Discover what it means to have a Percona career with the smartest people in the database performance industries, solving the most challenging problems our customers come across. https://jobs.lever.co/percona/7fcc072e-6aef-4eca-bbe4-e78f62...

Salestrekker Pty | REMOTE/ONSITE | WORLD

Salestrekker Pty Ltd is a financial technology company based in Sydney, Australia. Since launching in 2015, Salestrekker has quickly become a leading technology provider in Australian and New Zealand financial sector. We employ over 150 staff in our offices in Australia and Serbia.

We are looking experienced software engineers with proven track record and skills in the following technologies:

NodeJS Go ReactJS (HTML5, CSS3, JS ES6) Flutter We deploy our platform using AWS infrastructure.

We provide our employees with the following

5 weeks of paid annual leave 2 weeks of paid sick leave Paid maternity and parental leave Competitive pay packages We pay full government duties, all employees are registered on full pay 38 hour work week Six months work trips to Bali Indonesia, were we have a satellite office Further professional training and international seminars for staff development Work on the latest technologies and most exciting projects in a cooperative and pleasant environment in a company that values innovation and self motivation. Future participation in employee share schemes We are after people who understand that programming & coding = structures + algorithms; people that are agile and are comfortable in new and unknown situations. Some technologies that are particularly interesting to us are open nanking, data aggregation, decision tools and machine learning.

E: dusan@salestrekker.com

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