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"Remove sticky" is a must have on the modern web. Probably my most used bookmarklet.

A couple of others I use frequently:

Go to referrer. This fixes an infuriating missing feature in browsers, where links opened in new tabs lose their history (why?). Often this workaround will work:

Open in wayback machine. For when you follow a link and there's nothing there anymore.


I felt the same until I wrote https://arantius.com/misc/greasemonkey/fixed-only-at-top.use... which works automatically. Sticky bits are visible at first, disappearing only when you scroll down.

Remove sticky is also my most often used bookmarklet.

One that I also use regularly, related to your "Open in wayback machine", is "Save to wayback machine". That way it'll be there when you click it!

    javascript:location.href %3D %27//web.archive.org/save/%27 %2B location.href.split(%27%3F%27)%5B0%5D%3B

Love the "back to referer". You are right, it should be here by default.

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