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Ask HN: What's the most “well-crafted” piece of software you use?
8 points by awaxman11 on June 6, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 10 comments
By well crafted I mean fast, reliable, and good attention to detail. Related thread that inspired this post https://twitter.com/craigmod/status/1268788533990289409

Things 3, it's a joy to use. I wish there were a mail app of similar quality!

Other than Things, the native Apple Notes app is great. It's simple, fast, and works with a fuss. Sync also seems reliable enough for me.

Have you seen Superhuman?

Not the OP but it looks really neat. Unfortunately (for me) I’m a bit worried about privacy. It seems to me that —- like several email clients these days —- my email essentially goes via their service. At the very least they hold auth tokens?

I don’t know but is it too much to expect an email client that runs exclusively on my device, doesn’t phone home or leaks metadata??

Disclaimer: I haven’t tried it but simply inferred this from their privacy page. I could be wrong.

I like SumatraPDF. Runs the circles in terms of performance around the sad piece of crap that Adobe PDF Reader has become.

Vue Js ( https://vuejs.org/ ) Fast, reliable, and good attention to detail. Amazing execution by Evan (https://twitter.com/youyuxi)

Not now, but:

1. Delphi 2. OptiPerl (Check its screenshots https://www.uptiv.com/free/optiperl/ )

I like pocket app

Possibly, TeX.

KDE Plasma


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