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Spartez Software | Gdańsk, Poland, Europe | Product Managers, UX, Lead SWE, DevOps | Full time | Onsite

We are a company located in Gdansk, Poland, and we have quite an international team here(people from US, Brazil, Hong Kong, Ukraine, Poland).

We are a small company of 30, but our software products are used by thousands of users around the world in companies like Intel, Oracle, Cisco, Spotify, Adidas or NASA. Every day we come to work to simplify the digital life of IT industry people all over the world. We are using variety of tools and solutions in our tech stacks: .NET, Java, Python, JS, TypeScript, Vue, React, GCP, AWS, Azure.

Current openings:

- DevOps: https://grnh.se/07f387d33us

- Product Manager: https://grnh.se/706d73403us

- Senior UX: https://grnh.se/bf8ef1a23us

- Lead Software Engineer: https://grnh.se/622aaa0f3us

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