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[flagged] Show HN: Create a Deep Fake Video from Any Image (myvoiceyourface.com)
63 points by soheil 27 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 27 comments

This just looks like a simple web app wrapper around First Order Model:


The license for the code specifically states "Non-Commercial".

Is your code something else? Also seems like you've double posted it.

Edit: Your other posts also have a similar look - are you testing the waters for a viable biz model by adding web-app wrappers around ML papers who have published their code on Github? Not being accusatory or anything, just trying to understand.

I am not the OP nor a lawyer, but I believe one can charge for the service provided (the code is running on OPs servers). This should still not violate Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial license.

I am not the OP nor a lawyer, but this case looks like clear violation of CCNC license, i.e. it's piracy.

From this page: https://wiki.creativecommons.org/wiki/NonCommercial_interpre... they explain that the NonCommercial part is triggered on use. I believe that the intent is that you can not use the work for commercial advantage or monetary compensation. So if you write a play using CC-NC, it would be against the license to perform that play for money. Similarly, if you have software under CC-NC, it is against the license to use it for the purpose of making money.

The problem with NC (IMHO) is that it's too loose. Everything is up to interpretation. It's clear that you don't have a license to use the software, except the CC-NC license, but I think you probably would have to go to court to really determine if the usage was "commercial" or not. For this reason, I won't touch CC-NC works with a 10 foot pole. If you get sued, you are almost certain to go to court. There is probably a good chance that an injunction will be granted while they decide whether or not the usage is "commercial". By the time it's all over, you would have been much better off not using the code. For me, this means that using CC-NC code is pretty much a gamble on whether or not someone will attempt to sue me -- which is pretty darn close to just forgetting about licenses and hoping I don't get sued for infringement.

If anyone wants to play around with this in a hosted gpu supported jupyter notebook, check out:


I think this is just a wrapper of that script

Your pricing plans:


$20/mo for 20 videos. While the technical output you've achieved is notable, just curious, who is your target audience? How do you see these videos being used?

I am sure politicians and campaign managers or every sort and ideology would very willingly pay for this. Then there also the Rule 34 aficionados around and they don't mind spending cash at all.

Then you also have trolls, "news channels", conspiracy theorists, youtube comedian personalities to name a few more.

The market definitely exists.

If the results were 4 to 5 orders of magnitude better, maybe it could fool somebody :)

The results can be improved with time. But the market opportunity will still be there.

I don't think that very low quality would fool anybody or could be used in a commercial setting. I can only see it being used for memes or jokes.

One of the sample videos has a baby wishing someone on their birthday. I am not sure if I would pay $20 for this, but would really like to do something like this for my wife's birthday.

Just because you can build it doesn't mean you should.

Failed on the first image I dropped. https://i.imgur.com/UE9wuOP.png

Same thing.

Worth noting that there is a recent videos at the bottom of the page. Be careful what you upload!

Immediately turned off by the first demo being someone yelling angrily.

Looking at the recent videos, albeit not knowing the original videos used as source, I'd assume this needs a lot of work still to be of any practical use, even if you just aim at making funny memes with this.

Also some manual filtering would probably be very appropriate, as there were some including racial slurs and NSFW audio and visuals.

It's funny memes until it's a weapon. That said, funny memes have become a weapon too. One of the worst things about the modern Internet, IMO.

The worst thing about funny memes is people use it as answers, come backs, etc... as if they were adolescents...

It crashes after a couple seconds. https://i.imgur.com/L9gLEck.png

I've tried cropping the image and the video several times to make sure only the head is visible but it doesn't work.

My image is around 250KB and the video slightly under 9MB. I'm saying this because of the two following lines:

RuntimeError: imageio.mimread() has read over 256 MiB of image data. Stopped to avoid memory problems. Use imageio.get_reader() or memtest=False.

Why did you resubmit this so soon? There was already a discussion in an earlier thread.

Context, another post from 12 hours ago: https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=23423372

When I hear “deepfake” I usually think both video and audio being fake. This is cool but I’m not sure what the use case is of my friend having my voice.

I guess mostly for fun. The baby video example on that page was pretty funny. Although if I see 10 of them it might get a bit less funny.

I just tried it for fun, and it was fun. I uploaded a photograph of my six-month-old grandson and then I videoed myself saying something profound in a deep serious-adult voice. The resulting video is, I humbly believe, very cute. I'll share it only with family, though.

It looks as if the site is showing recently uploaded videos unfortunately.

Well, if you uploaded it to this site then you shared it with everybody potentially. They seem to be choosing videos that come out well as the demo videos.

What are you doing with the data collected? I don't see anywhere a privacy policy, gdpr or anything

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