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On Twitter I've seen too many celebrate that Trump was wrong. While this is about saving lives.

It's the same with people that were applauding healthcare workers but now have no issues with protesters that don't take any COVID measures.

It's terrible that health is politicized, it should be above all parties.

I also have a bit of an issue with your statement about Trump's motivations.

Just these presumptions are why some people didn't want the medicine to work, while in reality we can all only just guess about his motivations.

I think you are confusing "didn't want the medicine to work" with "never believed that the medicine worked".

I also think you are trying to say there is some inconsistency between applauding health workers for doing necessary work that put them in danger of catching and spreading covid, and applauding protesters for doing necessary work that put them in (much less) danger of catching and spreading covid?

As a paramedic who has responded to these protests, and has also worked at Quarantine/Isolation facilities, I appreciate some of your presumptions here about issues, etc.

Three of Trump's personal trusts have investments in Sanofi, the manufacturer of HCQ. In fact, in one of the trusts, Sanofi is the largest holding. So I don't think it's entirely unwarranted to question motivations.

Celebrating someone being wrong is, agreed, wrong.

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