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Show HN: Just hit $15k/m running unlimited design service by myself (designjoy.co)
64 points by brettwill1025 42 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 23 comments

At the risk of being "that guy", this post really isn't fit for a Show HN:

> Show HN is for something you've made that other people can play with. HN users can try it out, give you feedback, and ask questions in the thread.

> ...

> Blog posts, sign-up pages, curated lists, and other reading material can't be tried out, so can't be Show HNs.[1]

This is just you sharing your landing page and bragging about how well your business is doing. Congrats on your success, though, and I expect some interesting discussion about the business model in the comments at least.

[1] https://news.ycombinator.com/showhn.html

Congrats! What’s your profit margin look like? It’s hard to evaluate what $15k/mo means because it’s an outsourcing business.

How does payment work internally? Is everyone just a 1099 that you feed work to? How do you deal with international payroll?

How do you source designers and assign work?

Amazingly, he does all the work himself: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/i-run-an-unlimited-design-...

Great minds..

Margins are nearly 100% due to the fact I do all the work myself.

I mention "us" on the website for two reasons:

It's weird to say "I" in this case because to a client it isn't natural to wrap your head around the fact there is one person behind the business.

Secondly, when I built the service, it was my full intention of also building a team behind it (designers, customer care, etc.).

I could change the website copy to reflect it's a one man show, but I look at it like at the end of the day as long as you're getting the service you signed up for, that's all the client really cares about or needs to know.

First of all, congrats!

If you run it all by yourself, why do you write "us" everywhere?

This is done often to sound more professional.

Presumably Brett is not doing all of the design work if any.

Nopez, he's doing it all by himself. Really admirable.

then it seems disingenuous to write "Work with some of the best designers in the world."

He's very confident

How can you offer unlimited designs at $467/month?

That seems very cheap. It doesn't take much for that to be negative margin right? What am I missing?

You're missing the conflict at the core of this business model. It motivates the provider to take as long as possible without souring the business relationship, because the faster they work, the less they're getting paid. So the unlimited part is basically marketing BS.

Did you look at the site at all? He clearly advertises a 48 hour average turnaround time.

Prolly a limit on how quick it is done therefore a real limit on designs per month. A bit like “unlimited” shared hosting plans.

Makes sense. Seems a bit like false advertising. Unlimited requests in this context doesn't really tell you how many design hours you are buying.

Unlimited isn’t possible because of how time and limits works, right? Is there ever an opportunity to market as unlimited without it being false?

Unlimited can be used honestly when it's practically impossible to reach the limit. For example if you are offering unlimited drink refills at a restaurant that is fair advertising because it's really unlikely your whole supply of soda syrup will be drained.

In this case it's clearly not viable because someone could easily hit a limit for design requests where it's just not possible to fulfil them on the budget. ~$500 is nothing like a months worth of unlimited design requests even if you only make a few requests per day.

It's more like subscribing to a $467/month plan were you can request several designs per month. It's not unlimited, it's limited by time, the longer a request takes, the less requests you can make per month.

Surprised to learn "unlimited design service" is a thing, offered by several people/companies: https://www.failory.com/blog/unlimited-design-services

From the pricing model, it looks like hiring more than out sourcing because it charges based on duration, not the work to be delivered.

What are your margins?

So this is basically Brett As A Service ?

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