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Cyberattacks since the murder of George Floyd (cloudflare.com)
30 points by jgrahamc 11 months ago | hide | past | favorite | 7 comments

What a shameless plug. I'd also hardly count individual HTTP requests as separate cyberattacks. JGC should know better than to post this kind of carp.

zone-h defacement archive[1] still active. I don't see any related to Floyd yet but I'm not going through a whole week's worth of int'l skiddie defacements. NSFW needless to say.

1: http://www.zone-h.net/archive/special=1

Wow this is a new low - using the George Floyd tragedy as a marketing opportunity.

Honest question; how is that different from all of the other companies/celebrities declaring support?

Because all of the other companies and CEOs that have pledged support for this social justice issue didn't spend the their posts boasting about the company and their statistics.

If this company wanted to simply pledge their support they could have done so with just the last two paragraphs of this post. Instead we see things like:

>"Google reportedly sees approximately 63,000 search queries per second, so the number of attacks we mitigated during this period was more than 10x Google’s entire search volume."

This post reads like just another pissing contest for them.

It's cloudflare they are the providers of ddos protection of all the white supremacist forums you can think of or don't even want to think of. As cmo you must be sweating right now. Pride Month, Black Lives Matter and Mental Health Week. What should I tweet on the corporate accounts today? If it wasn't so sad it would be actually funny.

Most interesting.

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