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Postfix: A Simple Stack Language (2005) [pdf] (wellesley.edu)
31 points by reedwolf 37 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 3 comments

Maybe because the first calculator I had was RPN I learned postfix notation, but I have a really hard time with Lisps and their prefix notation. Lord knows I've tried.

I tried for years and eventually it becomes natural to the point that I now prefer it (or rather developed impatience with arbitrary syntax of in-fix notations).

Editor support helps (as it ought to), also the modern LISP style (indenting blocks). I still have difficulties reading ancient LISP style (but that's also due to the functional programming style eschewing temporary variable assignments while the names of those missing variables could serve to document the code).

Lyn T. is one of a small handful of the best CS educators on the planet. Good job HN!

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