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Why did Andrew Cooke deleted all his answers from Quora (quora.com)
18 points by l0nwlf 2438 days ago | hide | past | web | 7 comments | favorite

Getting past the individual situation here it does raise some interesting questions about what ownership people have over information they submit for the good of others. If Quora restored all his answers against his will I don't think I'd object to that to be honest.

Put it in physical terms. If I volunteer to build homes in a third world country do I have the right to then tear those homes down if I become disenchanted with the organization I volunteered for? My answer to that question would be No and that's why I don't think he shouldn't have taken down the answers.

If the info was used just to benefit Quora that might be different but the fact that they benefit the whole of the community changes things IMHO

I thought it would be "he took his ball and went home," read his answer, and confirmed it.

Why did someone I've never heard of delete something from a site I've never visited? Who cares?

Apparently you do care enough to post.

Guy seems like the Jon Skeet of Quora.

Why did he deleted indeed.

Maybe he did died?

Seriously though, I never heard of the guy.

Yet he leaves the answer where he said he deleted all his answers.

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