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Show HN: Findyour.blog – Get your blog rated and reviewed by authors/readers (findyour.blog)
107 points by sgeorge96 32 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

Great work on the site. It's way easier to use than mine.

After reflecting a bit from my old approach of using [0]json files in a directory + everything on git for easy forkability.

I have been experimenting with activitypub or other protocol by which these little sites can share entries with each other.

It's would be less work for the bloggers as they only need to add their blog once but for user and curators as well. No segregation.

It removes centralisation and one bad actor from harming the others by pushing for profitability at the cost of intended purpose. (This doesn't mean they can't monetize their curation effort. Just not in excess or becoming a closed wall)

technology.blog, political.blog, cookingrecipe.blog etc.

0] https://github.com/searchableguy/awesomeblog-club/tree/maste...

That sounds interesting, i've added you on Discord.

This is really cool. Just clicking around to various blogs and scanning for articles that perk my interest. It would be pretty cool for blog authors to pick like a top 3 articles or something to help me quickly gauge on top of their description.

Note that you can't sign up or login on a mobile device (tested on mobile android chrome and firefox).

Hey, that's really strange I just tried IOS chrome and safari. Do you mind telling me what error you are getting?

The navbar icon is hidden automatically and needs to be expanded by clicking the top right blue icon.

Maybe i need to hire a UI designer..

Here are two screenshots from my phone. I don't see an error. I don't see any way to sign up from the navbar. Maybe the problem is user error, but I tried for a bit.



Ah yes, might not be too intuitive but if you click the blue icon with the three dashes on the top left and scroll down a bit you should be able to see the signup/login option.

I'll note that this is a ui bug and will try and get it fixed asap. I didnt intend for the footer to be a sticky

I just did through safari. maybe only safari works?

A language property would be nice to encourage e.g. German bloggers to add their blogs, too.

Please consider un-gating the submission. I tried the password test123 which was too short and test1234 which wasn't accepted either.

Please add my blog in my profile to the corpus is possible. : )

Sorry, the submission needs to be reviewed right now as there's a chance your blog might appear in the front page and someone might post something inappropriate.

I'm currently working on a submission filter that should automate the gating and it should be merged by the end of the week.

I also approved a bunch of blogs just then, so hopefully yours is public.

I had no issue with the password at all. I tend to set long passphrases with unicode characters and it worked like a charm.

Ah yes, David Lebovitz. I had forgotten about him. Thanks for putting this together, it was worth it to me just reminding me of his blog.

Anyone knows of anything similar for portfolio websites? Aimed at front end developers

awwwards.com has been getting pretty popular

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