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Bob Martin, who is quite opinionated, has been brutally wrong about some things. For example, there was a TDD attempt to solve Sudoku that failed. Uncle Bob was following this, and said of the failure "At least he had the courage to post his failure".

More interesting would be a correct solution, which was posted by Peter Norvig. The approach he uses is drastically different that anything TDD is likely to get for you.

TDD isn't going to find solutions to hard problems beyond bowling.

There is a stark contrast between agile development and actual software engineering. Agile works where the customer and the developer don't really know what is being developed.

And as much as he has lectured about software development, I don't get the feeling that he has actually developed a substantial quantity of serious software.

In one of his clean coder books, he argues that Java is not object oriented. Unclear if that is a widely-held opinion. If you look for serious high-quality software, they are not agile. Such as the software for the space shuttle, or qmail, or other formally-verified software.

I have a friend who worked with him and it was sort of Uncle Bob's way or the highway.

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