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Fuck anyone callous enough to take something as far as an onsite trip with the pretense of a job and then just ghost them. I can't think of a much clearer way to show that much disrespect of someone and their time. And that's just the tip of the iceberg in this case. Remember things like this whenever you see the "microsoft <3 linux" slogan and the rest of the PR facade people are all too willing to swallow.

This exact thing happens all the time. And not just Microsoft.

Usually you sign something that prohibits you from talking about the meetings, though.

Can confirm.

Heck, I’ve been given an interview day for a c-level position at a billion dollar company by the entire executive team and board only to never hear back from them again.

Yeah, I speak from personal experience.

Years later I met one of the people who screwed me over — they’d left that company by then — and they apologized.

Lol i thought it was a 4chan joke: Company [1] is not bad because every company do so.not just micro$oft 1 source: I work in the company

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