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Show HN: ducksboard, a real time dashboard using websockets (ducksboard.com)
41 points by wulczer on Mar 16, 2011 | hide | past | favorite | 25 comments

Gorgeous design; a tad reminiscent of Daytum (http://www.daytum.com/). One of the hardest tasks in this space is developing a consistent, usable and pretty visual representation of the data—you seem to have that sorted out. I can't tell if those are screenshots of an existing HTML interface or mockups, but if you can/have pulled that off then colour me impressed.

They're mockups, but we'll try to make the HTML to match. Our designer is, to be honest, 80% part of the success. The other 20% is the one doing the HTML. And I just code here...

I found an issue when I signed up in current dev version of chrome (untested in everything else): http://dl.dropbox.com/u/7948781/screenshot.png

We think we fixed the issue for real this time. If you step on any other bug, please let us know :)

Ouch, we'll take a look, we saw that issue earlier and though it's been fixed. Thanks!

Check out our startup - a dashboard for your online apps. The difference we're trying to make is based on the following:

  * strong emphasis on real time
  * continuous data gathering, regardless of whether you're connected
  * good visual design
  * useful daily reporting over email
  * a HTTP API for submitting your own data
To see the first two points in action, you need a browser with websockets or with Flash. As for visual design, decide yourself, but our designer will be very offended if you won't love it (just joking, criticism encouraged, feedback appreciated).

We're planning to launch a private beta in May, accepting invites now. Enjoy!

Cool, it's good to have some more choice in this space.

I'm currently using Geckoboard, I really like their visual style and fast customer support, my main complaint with them is that they don't have that many custom widgets (yet).

Your data gathering and realtime features are nice to have, but for most of my statistics their ~3 min update speed is enough.

Yeah, we realize real time is not strictly necessary for many people. For the ones who need it, it's a killer feature, for the ones who don't, a nice-to-have.

The game-changing point is that we're always gathering data at the same pace, even when you're not connected. This means that when you visit the page (or see read your daily report email), you'll see a datapoint for every event as it happened, like a visits spike during the night, or a sudden increase of CPU usage of your AWS machines.

Would love to chat with you guys to see how you are handling the email process for those reports + other notification/transactional mails.

Product Manager for PostageApp, so you can imagine why I would want to chat about it. :)


Feel free to write us at gang _a_ ducksboard.com

Looks nice.

Any chance of a screenshot, I'll include it here http://www.contrast.ie/blog/the-future-of-analytics-products...

Thanks. Sure, I'll tweet you the link shortly.

There's a bug on the front page. First the mentions said 0, then I tried mentioning it and now it print out JSON. (http://i.imgur.com/zRC3i.png)

Otherwise it looks really nice. What metric services do you plan to integrate with?

Yeah, I'm responsible for the bug :P, we rollbacked the broken update and will look at it later.

The initial services we are going to integrate with are the usual suspects:

  * Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare for social marketing
  * Google analytics for website traffic data
  * Zendesk for user support
  * Mailchimp for mail campaigns
  * Bit.ly to track urls
  * Highrise CRM
  * Google AdWords and AdSense
As the product grows and the users propose new services, we'll integrate them.

On top of that, we'll provide a HTTP API to provide your own metrics.

Daaaaarn, that's what you get for trying to add links to the tweets while drunk on excitement after the launch. Fixed, the ones responsible executed, working on putting the links back ;)

Hidden feature, not a bug :)


Everyone is doing htis, but always as a hosted service - any thought to something a customer can purchase and roll out themselves?

We are planning to offer an edition aimed to be deployed on-premises... no estimations yet, but expect it around Q4.

Thanks for your interest :)

I would be a customer for an on-premise version.

I like how your homepage has some personality! I'm not sure if the content for the blog will be appropriate for your customers, though. If so, you should give it some personality too and work on the design a bit.

You're right, we should separate the tech blog from the normal blog. We'll definitely work on the theme as well, we've been concentrating on the main page to be honest.

Will this be free to use? It kind of reminds me of Geckoboard but their prices are rather expensive.

No decision yet... we've been reading good and bad experiences from SaaS providers who offered a freemium plan.

What features do you think would be interesting in a freemium plan?

just great product. looks beautiful and feels amazing.

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