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Heads up: it doesn’t have no JavaScript at present, because Cloudflare’s email protection system is in place. (I hate that thing. It mangles non-email addresses all the time if they look even vaguely like an email address, e.g. a package with version number “foo@1.2.3”. Penalising users that disable JavaScript.)

https://herman.bearblog.dev/ contains a “Get in touch” mailto: link that gets ruined, and the following script is added:

  <script data-cfasync="false" src="/cdn-cgi/scripts/5c5dd728/cloudflare-static/email-decode.min.js"></script>

Ah shit. Turning it off. Thanks for the heads up

Safari on iOS 13.4 crashed loading https://herman.bearblog.dev/the-gods-of-toil/

Not blaming bearblog, but FYI

As a site owner, forcing non-JS users to click through a CAPTCHA is worth it since I get zero spam as a result. It might not be appropriate here, but it's appropriate for most personal websites.

My email address, me@chrismorgan.info, has been widely promulgated for many years. I get about five spam messages a day, and occasionally 10–15 a day for a week or two. I average around one false negative per month, and have had two false positives in the last three years (and neither mattered—in fact I kinda agreed with the spam filter’s judgement in both cases).

My email is with Fastmail, so I know that no emails are mysteriously disappearing (which seems to happen with providers like Gmail)—either the server rejects the email (so the sender will be notified), or it ends up in my mailboxes somewhere.

So my own experience is that sharing your email address publicly is harmless and useful.

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