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Adventures of Porting MUSL to PS4 (dayzerosec.com)
74 points by todsacerdoti 43 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 9 comments

This is an interesting post but the author seems to have a bit of ignorance/bias to the bsd libc that led them down a particular path. It's not difficult to pull the libc out of src, start with a minimal make copypasta, and keep iterating adding in just enough support until you eventually make it through a compile and link, then work out the few remaining port differences. IMHO this would lead to better long term outcomes for the indented platform but both approaches offer interesting learning opportunity.

Indeed, I did just that (with NetBSD long) about 20 years ago on a Dreamcast.

Would love to hear more about your experience if you've ever done a write-up.

Same when I was porting some OS X stuff to Windows. NetBSD is clean and minimal, making it very easy to cherry pick whatever functionality you need.

Man, "copypasta" really has lost all of it's meaning these days.

This term is used for all kinds of things that it didn't get used for 25 years ago.

"Old Man Yells At Cloud" I guess

The word didn't even exist in common lexicon 25 years ago or you are an authoritative source and need to update wikipedia and stackexchange...

FWIW, building FreeBSD libc (under FreeBSD, obviously) is as simple as "cd src/lib/libc && make all install".

Not the same, but a reminder that Perl works on ps2: https://github.com/Perl/perl5/blob/blead/caretx.c#L120-L125

But that's because there was an official Linux release for PlayStation 2 by Sony.


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