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The new model media star is only famous to you (nytimes.com)
49 points by tysone 42 days ago | hide | past | favorite | 17 comments

This is a great idea.

I had a falling out with a good friend after meeting up in person for the second time, and it seemed like just a misunderstanding to me.

There was a webcomic both of us loved, and I emailed the author, offering the author an amount in the very low triple digits, and explaining the situation.

They created a comic just for the situation, and did a great job on it, and after my friend saw it, we made up and have been friends ever since.

It's been about 15 years now since that happened.


>"Back in March, I was trying to persuade my dad to stop taking the subway to work in Manhattan and join me upstate. So I paid $75 to Leonard Marshall, a retired New York Giants defensive lineman we both loved in the 1980s, to send the message.[...]

Horowitz, argued recently. Ms. Jin calls this new landscape the “passion economy.” She argues that apps like Uber and DoorDash are built to erase the differences between individual drivers or food delivery people. But similar tools, she says, can be used to “monetize individuality.

Whenever people attempt to describe the last 10 or 15 years of the Soviet Union and try to capture what bizarre social reality everyone lived in, I feel like we're in whatever the inverse of that is, Mark Fisher borrowed and repurposed the apt German term "Realkapitalismus"

See also https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=22263274, which is a recent thread about a post this article mentions.

Existing technology lets you edit video to say and sound as you prefer. You don't need to pay the celebrity to do this.

Sure but I guess the whole point is knowing that it's an original. This is the new "autograph" and you could always fake one if all you wanted was to give it as a present to someone.

Exactly. Like an autograph, the value lies in its provenance - if you fake it, it's worthless.

But with an autograph, you have one authentic original copy. A Cameo video can be copied N times, distributed on social media, etc.

Which is why you can order more content than an autograph. The personalized message is the fingerprint.

Perhaps that's what Cameo's endgame is going to be like - pay $N to a real celebrity, get an AI likeness for $N/5. They likely have no shortage of training data now.

(They'd have to work out the legal and contractual parts of that of course...)

Dave Winer, creator of RSS, said that in the future everyone will be famous for 15 people. I think we’ve been living in that world for a few years now.

TL;DR the NYT discovered Cameo

Tl;dr: It would cost a bit over $200 to get Chuck Norris to read a Bruce Schneier joke.

A rebranded fiverr.

This is fundamentally incorrect. Cameo is a completely different platform than fiverr.

Both your messages would be immensely more useful, if they had similarities/dissimilarities listed.

I mean considering Cameo is a specific platform for celebrities and creators to upload customized video messages for fans that buy them, I fail to see how it could even be compared to fiverr at all. It's a platform that does a very specific thing, and does it very well as shown by the talent they have been able to attract. Calling it a rebranded fiverr doesn't even make sense because they don't do similar things...?

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