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One-Word Domains (oneword.domains)
128 points by madhukarah on May 24, 2020 | hide | past | favorite | 164 comments

Hey everyone! Maker of One Word Domains here. I recently launched this on Product Hunt and got some pretty good feedback there and was looking forward to launching it on Hacker News as well but oh well, someone did it for me

To give you guys some backstory, I was dabbling around with Flask the other day and decided to build something that I would’ve loved to use when I was trying to find a good name for my startup - a database of all the available one-word domain names out there. It’s a pretty straightforward idea but somehow I’ve never been able to find a resource like this online so I decided to make one myself.

Also, since this is my first time building a web-app from scratch, I'd appreciate any constructive criticism you guys have for me - don't be afraid to tear me apart with your feedback. As of right now, here are a few features that I am planning to add to the website:

- A synonym feature, where you can click on each domain and it'll show you synonyms to that domain that are available (I was actually planning to post about OWD on Hacker News today but I was met with a few obstacles when trying to build this feature, so I had to postpone the launch)

- A "staff picks" section for each TLD page

- .dev TLD page - gotta give back to the dev community!

Let me know what you guys think about these features. Also, please let me know any suggestions that you might have that could make this better. Thanks a lot!

P.S.: Also, I'm thinking about removing domains that were purchased from the "most popular" and "recently viewed" sections - should I do that or should I leave them there? I'm just worried that by leaving them there it's a little misleading - people might think it's still available.

~ Steven

This tool is pretty cool, would be helpful to see prices I guess too. A table format would be easier to navigate. I recently found a TLD that seems underused and has one "total" word potential (chars incl tld as a single word) > .ge Also can I recommend putting links to other domain providers like porkbun, their platform is super usable and prices are decent.

You might take a look at wee.domains [0] - it's a big table of short available domains from the most popular TLDs. It has pricing from a variety of registrars too.

[0] https://wee.domains

Disclaimer: i made it.

I cannot tell you how much I love tld-list and now wee. As a recovering domain addict, I've spent an unreasonable amount of time on your sites. :)

For domain hunting, tld-list is a godsend. Thank you so much for this!


This seems pretty useful, but I’m having trouble with the filters- how can I find “one word domains”?

That filter hasn't been implemented yet, it's on the TODO list [0].

The best I can currently offer is the "Label is Word" column that identifies in which languages the label is considered a word or letter.

[0] https://github.com/timbowhite/wee.domains-tracker/issues/21

this is cool, more filtering would be useful (on tld length, whether it's a word). Interesting that ca.rs is still available and pretty cheap. Funnily, sa.rs is also available. pe.pe too, and oh.ms.

Thanks for the suggestions! I've been thinking about adding prices and maybe even a way for you to filter for a specific price range but I'm worried about the pricing discrepancies between different domain name providers so I decided to stick with the Premium and Regular domains distinction instead.

Also, I love the "total" word potential - I'll figure out a way on how to incorporate that!

As for Porkbun, I've received a couple of suggestions to add that, and I'll definitely consider adding it to the mix!

Hi there,

I have what I think is a great domain, elope.to.

The idea was to build an elopement app that sold elopement packages to various destinations, working with existing service providers in those locales (most wedding photographers provide elopement packages).

Eg: elope.to/tahiti, elope.to/seychelles, elope.to/lasvegas

I don't think I'll get the time to build it, so am considering selling.

Which brings me to my point... I couldn't find a way to list it on your site.

I really like that idea! And yes, I'm actually considering adding a "Featured Listings" section where you can list your domains - feel free to sign up on the newsletter and I'll let you know when it's ready! :D


I'd love to see https://porkbun.com added as a domain option. Consistently the cheapest registrar for me, at least for the first year (example, most .coms for me are around: 4.15 / year, renews at $8.56)

I've been getting a ton of requests for Porkbun so I'll definitely consider adding it there! Thanks for the suggestion! :D

Can you add Epik as a domain option as well?

Hey this is really cool. I’ve recently started learning python as a hobby, with the goal to eventually start full stack development. I was just wondering, since this is your first web app, how long have you been coding for/how long did it take to get up and running?

Thanks a lot for the kind words! I think you should definitely learn Python - it's a very versatile language, but for the full-stack I would recommend mastering JavaScript instead.

As for me - I've been coding in Python at school for a while now (I'm a data science major) but I haven't really had any experience with the full-stack so I wanted to take this as a learning opportunity for me. In total, it took me a week to build the whole site - the relatively quick timeline is probably because I treated it as a personal hackathon with a one-week deadline.

Thank you :)

I’m currently choosing between doing my MBA and going full on into business management, or totally pivoting away and starting cs. So I’ll check this out

Even if you're doing business, it's always good to have a hard skill under your belt, so I'd say there's definitely no harm in mastering CS on the side! Good luck! :D

See https://lad.js.org for FS dev, I built https://forwardemail.net with it, which is also completely open source on Github

This is super cool, thanks for sharing!! :D

The ability to simply filter by length would be awesome. Sometimes you just want to find something on the shortest side possible, that isn't a jumble of letters.

Makes sense! I'll have to figure out a way to incorporate that because my current code structure is kind weird, but when I do I'll let you know! Feel free to sign up for the newsletter so I can notify you when that feature is ready! :D

Does a domain have to live on Namecheap / Godaddy to get looked at? My domains are on Google Domains.

That depends - what are the TLDs for your domains?

love the Lottie animations. were they much work?

General question - if this was the first web app you worked on from scratch I'm impressed - did you have experience with working on existing ones?

They actually weren't that much work - I recently found this amazing website called Lottiefiles and have been using some of the art I found there as placeholder until I had the time to custom make some of my own, and since this project was intended as an MVP, I didn't really manage to get around to doing that, but I definitely want to in the near future!

And thank you for your encouraging words! I never had any experience building webapps from scratch - I've always resorted to no-code solutions like Webflow because I'm more into design myself. Here's one of my other projects that I'm working on, which I built with Webflow, if you're interested: https://www.sedge.io/

They claim there's still an English word (an adjective) that's available as a .com domain but apparently it's not possible to see what it is from their site.

I remember back in ’99 seeing a list of English words that were still available as .com It was short enough to read at a sitting and I was going through it looking for potential band names. The only one I remember was “osteoclasts.” Unfortunately, we didn’t have a hard enough sound to merit that name.

As of right now napalming.com is available, autocratically.com, cauterizes.com, peronist.com, pickaninnies.com, and doubtless many more.

Most one-word .COMs are weird/obscure, related to negative things or end in S, so not much use for a business. Fornicates.com was available recently though, as was goriest.com, both of which are not bad for less mainstream sites.

Outside .COM there are tons of one word domains. imagines.org was one of the ones I liked when I used to check under that extension.

Any Michaels here might be interested in micks.org. chiptune.org isn't bad. takeouts.org is available. And, uh, poontang.org. I think I'll end this now.

Since there seem to be a few domain related submissions at HN recently, for anyone wanting to register a name, Namecheap has a $6.06 .COM promo currently.

Be careful with namecheap. I used to use them for everything (and still have several domains registered with them), but one of my domains was a short word on an obscure TLD. This year they increased the price by 15x, and support tried to pass the blame by claiming "the registry decided it's a premium domain."

The registry may decide whether a domain is "premium" or not, but I had no issues transferring it to Google Domains and paying less than what I was paying before.

Can you clarify if this was a gTLD or a ccTLD? Being so used to standardized pricing with .com's, this never even occurred to me as a risk.

For anyone unfamiliar with premium TLD pricing:

- it's common for .com's to be sold on the aftermarket for high prices but the renewal prices are standardized. So if I invest $36k on buying appletini.com, I know I will be able to renew it for ~$10/yr.

- gTLD's like .land or .tech seem to set premium prices at the registrar level and apply to renewals. This means if I want apps.wiki, it's going to cost me $3,180/yr every year.

The risk I'm now wondering about: If I build a successful brand around a gTLD, can that registrar retroactively classify that domain as a "premium" and just start 10x-ing my renewal price every year?

If this is possible, I cannot imagine how any serious site could be built on a gTLD.

I was thinking it would have to be one of the new gTLDs, where 'normal' rules don't seem to apply, but I think .co also asks silly money for any remotely decent name, and that's technically a ccTLD, even though I doubt anyone buys it as such.

> gTLD's like .land or .tech seem to set premium prices at the registrar level and apply to renewals. This means if I want apps.wiki, it's going to cost me $3,180/yr every year.

AIUI premium domains renew at a relatively normal price, so there may be a rule that states they can't charge premium rates for renewals (and therefore decide later your name is a premium), but in the domain world I wouldn't rule anything out.

I wouldn't personally use anything but .com/.net/.org or ccTLD for a serious site anyway.

It was the .club gTLD

Yeah I've never used or seen the appeal of Namecheap except when they run promos. They are anything but cheap otherwise.

It may not be worth it for one or two names but transferring domains is easy (and can be done even when expired) and it can make sense to move to another registrar to save money - transfer prices are often lower than renewal prices - or if the current registrar starts to be a dick.

I've never used Godaddy, which often had 99c/$1 coupons, but noticed on tld-list.com that their .COM renewal price is $18.17. Not sure what people are getting for paying twice as much as everywhere else.

> Not sure what people are getting for paying twice as much as everywhere else.

Really, really, really bad customer support. Like they'll answer your phone calls, but they won't actually help you at all. Especially with billing issues.

I've been moving domains from Namecheap to Porkbun due to ever increasing renewal prices, it's something like $5 cheaper per domain with Porkbun. I didn't see the 15x increase you saw though.

Hmmm...I'm debating between Porkbun, Iwantmyname and Domain.com - which one do you guys think I should add next?

I would take a look at Epik.com, customer support is good, and prices are decent.

I like their new nameliquidate service, a reverse auction for domains. I usually post domains there that I’m not going to renew.

I can vouch for iwantmyname. Great customer support that went above and beyond what they had to. They even worked with Protonmail to get my custom domain functioning.

Got it! Thanks guys - Iwantmyname actually reached out to me but I wasn't sure how legit they were since I've never used their product, but after you guys' testimonials, I think I'll add them to the next version of One Word Domains! :D

I've been pleased with iwantmyname.

They also do some cool organizational stuff and are pretty transparent.

Porkbun, but I'm biased.

Suggest checking out Dynadot - they always run some promos and I typically get .com for 99 cents first year. Then they are $8.99 including proxy/privacy.

I had many of issues over the years that were flawlessly solved with Dynadot chat support. Issues I was unable to fix with NameCheap (who has all customer support team in Eastern-block of Europe, so "made in America" does not apply), and also GoDaddy gave me issues. Besides I had a small back-and-forth battle here on HN with Namecheap CEO (I won), but needless to say it showed how unprofessional and childish the CEO of such popular company can be.

Also Namesilo is gaining some traction. Reliable, worth trying, but no chat help.

Thanks a lot for these suggestions - I've noted them down and will check them out!

And re: Namecheap CEO's behavior - that's quite sad to hear. Nonetheless, my experience with them has been mostly positive though :')

The _argument_ that Joe _won_:https://news.ycombinator.com/item?id=17179415

How long did you have the domain registered before they changed it to a premium domain? That seems like something that might violate the base registry agreement. Section 2.10(c):

> The parties acknowledge that the purpose of this Section 2.10(c) is to prohibit abusive and/or discriminatory Renewal Pricing practices imposed by Registry Operator without the written consent of the applicable registrant at the time of the initial registration of the domain and this Section 2.10(c) will be interpreted broadly to prohibit such practices.

I ask because I have a similar domain.

It was registered in 2014. I didn't care enough to try and fight them about it after talking with customer support, and Google domains was cheaper anyway.

EDIT: I sent an email to ICANN asking about this issue since I still have domains registered with namecheap. I will update here if they respond.

That's awesome since you have a domain that it actually happened to they should give you an answer. Mine is just a good domain that I'm hoping it doesn't happen to.

Since the types and values of premium domains can vary a lot, I think the ability for a registry to arbitrarily declare a domain as premium presents a huge risk of abuse. I've searched a lot for info relating the rules for premium domains and I've never found anything. I'm super interested to hear what ICANN tells you.

Hey. Did ICANN ever reply to you?

They did, but it wasn't particularly clear.


Thank you for contacting ICANN Global Support.

I apologize for the difficulties you are experiencing. Unfortunately, ICANN does not control the sale or pricing of domain names. Registry operators and registrars are free to charge a premium for certain names at their discretion, assuming they are otherwise in compliance with the terms and conditions of their agreements. You may refer to the registrar's domain registration agreement to identify what the specified rates and restrictions are.

A registry operator or registrar may not implement/impose abusive or discriminatory renewal pricing practices without the written consent of the applicable registrant at the time of initial registration. This includes, for example, the requirement for advance notification of any price increase and the right to renew the registration at the price prior to such increase for a period of up to 10 years (i.e., the price may be locked in).

For more information about your rights and responsibilities as a domain name holder (registrant), please see our registrant rights and responsibilities page: https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/benefits-2013-09-16-en.

With reference to the Expired Registration Recovery Policy (https://www.icann.org/resources/pages/errp-2013-02-28-en), Registrars must make their renewal fees, post-expiration renewal fees (if different), and redemption/restore fees reasonably available to registered name holders and prospective registered name holders at the time of registration of a gTLD name. At a minimum, these fees must be clearly displayed on the registrar's website and a link to these fees must be included in the registrar's registration agreements.

You may also contact the registry operator for (TLD) for more information on the pricing of their domains. You can find the registry's contact information via this link: https://www.iana.org/domains/root/db

If you feel the Registrar's fees were not properly disclosed or posted on their website, you may submit the Registrar Standards Complaint form (https://forms.icann.org/en/resources/compliance/complaints/r...) to ICANN’s Contractual Compliance Team. They will review your complaint and reply to you within 5 business days.

I had the same thing happen! I bought a domain a long while back, it auto-renewed and charged me more than $500 for 1 year. I've never used the domain properly and would have just let it lapse, they did warn me of the pending auto-renewal but I ignored it thinking it would cost $30 or something.

This was for a `.club` TLD.

That's crazy! Tbh it's kind of a jerk move on the domain registrar's side - by labeling a certain TLD as "Premium" they get to charge extra on the renewal/registration fees. Pretty unethical I'd say :(

Mine was also .club, seems like they might be doing something fishy. I emailed ICANN about it and I'll update the comment above if I get a reply.

Oddly enough I've moved my stuff to namecheap because GoDaddy decided to bump their 0.99$/year domains to 40$.

> They claim there's still an English word (an adjective) that's available as a .com domain but apparently it's not possible to see what it is from their site.

I think that refers to "extra-small", which is a word in the linked gist: https://gist.github.com/hugsy/8910dc78d208e40de42deb29e62df9...

Which was also registered eight days ago, it would seem.

Weird - I just checked it on both Namecheap and Godaddy and apparently it's still available. Will double-check with the WHOIS database now. Thanks for letting me know!

Sure thing, I really appreciate your site by the way! There actually are services that list good available domain names already but they all want to sell you the list before you can even know if their list is any good, so I've never bothered.

As for extra-small, I used Google Domains to check it, it certainly seems to be registered as of May 16th.


I did some more digging, it appears that namecheap (or another registrar/reseller) squatted it and is reselling it as a premium domain for $190.

I suppose in the most technical sense, it is available, but my assumption was that this was a list of unregistered domains rather than say an AfterNIC competitor. Would it be possible to note in your database which domains are unregistered and which are being scalped?

Interesting! I didn't know that Namecheap was into domain name squatting but I guess the cat's out of the bag now! As for the note, I'll have to figure out how to do that because right now, all I can do is filter out the premium domains - which I suppose are the ones that are being scalped, right?

Also, thank you for your kind words! And wow, I didn't know that people would actually sell lists like this - I was just building something that I knew I would want to use without really expecting anything in return, and I guess a lot of people found it useful too! :D

How do you know that it’s the registrar (namecheap) that owns it and not one of their customers?

Great question! I'm not so sure myself - anybody knows anything about this?

And isn’t one word.

Yeah, I've been trying to find legible and pronounceable one-word .com domains but to no avail...the only ones I found were words like injudiciously.com or diarrhoeic.com haha

Would appreciate some suggestions on what to do to improve on this!

Decent ones become available as dropped domains from time to time. The whole dropping domain process is convoluted, gross and benefits big players, but I have seen some decent ones fall through the cracks.

I lost quixote.com to a missed renewal e-mail and my being too cheap to pay the $20 fee for the expired domain thinking I could pick it up when it was released (in hindsight, ridiculously dumb). To make things worse, it was picked up by a Los Angeles film equipment company and for a while when I was taking grad math classes at CSULB, I would drive past a parking lot filled with trucks with quixote.com emblazoned on the side. It still gives me a little indigestion to think about that.

God, that sounds awful! I'm so sorry that happened to you :(

This also goes to show how big the domain aftermarket is - perhaps next time you could list your domains on sites like Dan.com, where they'll renew it for you automatically and help you find buyers who are willing to pay for your domain?

Interesting! Though I think there are sites that track newly-dropped domains - park.io is one of them - and they are doing it pretty well already so I definitely recommend checking them out!

Epik has a list of the pending delete domains for the next few days in advance. You can download the list.

There are good names that sell all the time. You just need to catch them or use a backorder service like namejet, dropcatch, etc.

Yeah, I just checked them out and they seem pretty legit. Gonna start using them to scout for good domain names and perhaps even find a way to integrate their list into One Word Domains :D

Create your own word?

I'm thinking of training a deep learning model on the top 10,000 startup names and use it to generate available .com domain names that could potentially be used for future projects as well. Not sure how feasible this is gonna be but I'm definitely gonna give it a try!

Yeah sounds like a fun project but also a bit overkill to me.

I would just take an existing word and change some of the letters.

Rivora, Espirole, Calind.

There ya go here's 3. Didn't check if they have domains or not but it really shouldn't take long to find a reasonable sounding 1 word untaken name.

It seems like there are services out there doing exactly that, i.e. https://zlipa.com

Yeah, there are certainly a lot of really cool products out there that does this...namelix.com is one of them as well. But damn, I really love Zilpa's UX! Thanks for sharing! :D

The only .com domain on the site is `extra-small.com`.

How is that a one word domain? Maybe two words count as one if they're extra small.

You bring up a good point, and I've been pondering about this for a while now - do you think I should remove all the hyphens from the domains before querying them? Like, instead of "extra-small.com", should I be querying "extrasmall.com" instead?

With or without the hyphen, it's two words. But for the purposes of the value of the site, rather than pedantry, it probably doesn't much matter.

Are you the author?

If you're new to marketing: domains with a dash in them are considered seconds rate to domains that don't have a dash.

Yes I am! And I totally get it - I'm pretty much a branding geek myself. I've been debating whether to remove the dashes even when I first started building the site, and this just gives me more reason to remove them from the word list. Stay tuned for the next update! ;)

Yeah I wouldn’t ever use a hyphenated domain for your primary site. Ok to register it and 301 redirect it to your site, but if you use it for your primary site you will lose traffic to the non hyphenated version.

Gotcha! That's it then - the hyphenated sites are out! :D

Unless it's a term like hip-hop. Then I think the hyphen is appropriate and even sought after.

when you're working off an external list of words, and "extra-small" is on that list of words, then it's going to show up in your search.

hyphenated words still count as words in most definitions of words, even if it does seem contradictory in this context.

Yeah, that's why I think I'll be removing all the hyphens for my next update - do you think that's a good idea?

Thanks OP.

Just picked up impartial.app - might try a just-for-fun side project and hook it into some sort a decision making algo and/or crowd-sourced vote.

Premise: User can't decide something and must enter N possible options, then have the app pick the winner.

Twist: The user doesn't ever define the problem, just potential choices.

a) $20,000 b) Snowball it c) Propose d) Cupertino

Impartial.app says: __________

Oooh, I love this idea! Can totally see how this could replace random number generators and make the whole user experience - however brief it might be - 10 times as amazing! Great choice!

Impartial.app says: yes

This reminds me a bit of http://www.taco.com which is delightfully 1996 vintage design. I wonder how much money they've been offered to sell or lease the domain for something like ubereats/doordash Mexican food delivery.

And it's using Cloudflare! Hopefully it's Cloudflare --> Basement Closet. Lol.

Cloudflare for the win! :D

Oof, I can only imagine! But if I were to take a guess, I'd say it's probably in the 7-8 figure range!

I have quite a few in this category that would probably sell. Are you considering allowing listings?

Yes! I'm actually considering adding a "Featured Listings" section where you can list your domains - feel free to sign up on the newsletter and I'll let you know when it's ready! :D

I bought one for an app... that I haven't even started building. I feel like a straight up squatter now :(

but seriously who is going to visit your site when the domain is name is myawesomeapp2020.com might as well purchase the domain in advance right?

Hahaha yeah, I used to buy a bunch of domains thinking that I was gonna do something with them only to end up letting them expire in a year :'(

But don't worry, you'll find a viable business idea/business model for it soon, I believe in you!

when I make it I'll remember you, my first supporter!

Haha of course! Feel free to connect with me on Twitter too - would love to keep in touch with you and see how you progress with the idea!

Hi Steven! Nice work here and I'm really inspired by the design, especially because this is your first web-app from scratch.

I've always wanted to learn frontend programming/ design but am intimidated by CSS/ Bootstrap since there are too many screen sizes to take account of. Could you recommend resources/ links to learn more about frontend design/ programming? Thank you!

Hey Adam! Thanks a lot for your kind words! And I totally get where you're coming from - I've always been intimidated by responsive designs as well, but then I learned about percentages and screen-size specific designs and though the process is a little tedious, I was able to finally make my designs responsive and conducive on different screen sizes.

As for resources, I usually refer a lot to CSS Tricks, Codepen.io, W3 Schools, GeeksforGeeks, and good old StackOverflow when I'm building my websites. Hope this helps! Also, feel free to reach out to me via Twitter - I would love to keep in touch with you there!

Thanks for the advice, Steven. Sure, I'll follow you on Twitter.

I think you should totally track the .it TLD, it's the Italian one but works wonderfully for word plays in English (and if iirc I've seen a few websites taking advantage of it). Some straightforward examples that come to mind would be buy.it, ship.it, design.it etc., you name(.)it ;)

Edit: also, being the Italian TLD I'm guessing quite a few English words are still available

My fav now is .is, which is Iceland's cc.

It has opened to everyone about a year ago (with some minimal paperwork), it's cheapish ($33 from Namecheap I believe) and makes fun domains (truth.is, acting.is). It is also one of the least squatted cc domains, likely because it isn't available from most places like GoDaddy.

It also doesn't hurt that Iceland is a stable, independent and protective of rights. I worry about .io and wouldn't want to lock a business into that domain space.

Interesting - you're not the first person to recommend the .is TLD! I'll certainly look into it add it if there's enough demand for it! Thanks for letting me know!

Thanks for the suggestion! I've been a fan of the .it TLD especially with products like repl.it repping the brand so I'll definitely consider adding it in my next update!

You have to be in the European Union to register one though. No more English speaking countries in it except for Malta.

Ireland is an English-speaking EU member nation.

Do you need to be, or can you have a "designated person" in the EU? Higher end registrars are happy to supply designated people for address requirement purposes.

Awww, damn it. Got my hopes up for .it tld

> Filter by: all alphabets

Those are letters, not alphabets.

Wait, really? I've always thought those two words were interchangeable. Should I change it from "alphabets" to "letters" to avoid misleading users?

Yeah - Latin, Cyrillic, and Hebrew are alphabets.

You wouldn't say "My name starts with the alphabet M."

Makes sense! I'll change it in the next version. Thanks!

"Staff picks": "seargent.ai"

What the heck is a "seargent"? I assume they mean "sergeant"?

Oh Christ, I can't believe I made such a stupid mistake. Gonna go fix that now, brb!

Thanks for pointing it out btw!

Hmm I own some one to two word domains that are spelled differently (British vs us spelling) ie: Teale.com, splitcheque.com and others like calendur.com or ciaolongbao.com and juantons.com - all saved for the eventual day I have enough money and time to do whatever project I had planned for them. Lol

Hahaha I know the feeling - I've had my fair share of unused domains under my belt back in the days but I had to let go of them because of the hefty renewal fees :'(

Hope you hold on to yours for as long as you can - or sell/lease them for a nice profit on Dan.com!

I don't know what dictionary they are using, but it apparently contains the words "compaq", "msgid" and "milfhunter".


Yeah it's kinda funny - I recently logged into my Google Search Console and realized that my site has been ranking for some rather questionable keywords like "housewives handjobs" and even "ampland", simply because the dictionary I used has those words. :'D

I love/hate these kind of projects.

On one hand they give amazing suggestions and prove useful to small scale devs like me and others coming here.

On the other hand, a few weeks from now most of them will be snatched by squatters, essentially rendering them useless for small scale devs like me and others coming here.

Hahaha, I'm sorry about this! I've come to realize how this site can be used with malignant intent - even domain registrars could be stalking this site and bump up the prices for domains that people have been viewing a lot. I guess I can just hope that these things don't actually happen and that I've built a tool that can help people find their dream domains. :')

Yeah, showing the number of views is against the interest of people looking for domains.

It is a great tool nonetheless, thanks for sharing it!

I recommend adding .is. Recently opened up and plenty of single words available, partially because they are only available for purchase from a few sites - NameCheap is the best and cheapest.

Sure! Feel free to add a suggestion at the "Suggest a TLD" section on the homepage - I'm trying to gauge which TLD is to most wanted to figure out which one to support next. ;)

Look at ntldstats, you can see the most popular tlds. I’d start with the most popular ones like .xyz and .icu with the most domain registrations.

I think much more highly of a two- or three-word .com than a one-word .{co,ai,io,...} These are clever but I wouldn't call them good.

Yup! As I mentioned in a previous comment, I'm thinking of training a deep learning model on the top 10,000 startup names and use it to generate available .com domain names that could potentially be in the format of a two-word/three-word domains too! Not sure how feasible this is gonna be but I'm definitely gonna give it a try!

I love how "extra-small.com" is the only .com domain left - only goes to show how scarce .com domains are these days :/

I know! Would love some suggestions on how to fix this though - or should I just scrap the whole .com section altogether?

Maybe you could do something with 2 words that are short, easy to spell, easy to pronounce, and memorable. I was able to register an 8 letter .com like that (2x 4-letter words) a couple years ago.

Yup! I mentioned this in a previous comment but I'm thinking of training a deep learning model on the top 10,000 startup names and use it to generate available .com domain names that could potentially be in the format of a two-word domain too! Not sure how feasible this is gonna be but I'm definitely gonna give it a try!

It's not available either.

> whois extra-small.com

... Creation Date: 2020-05-16T16:56:51Z ...

That's weird...last time I checked on both Namecheap and Godaddy - the domain was still available :O


Good idea, even better implementation.

Damn, thanks a lot for the praise! Glad I was able to build a tool that many people resonated with :D

Is there a way to list domains that fit this criteria?

What criteria are you referring to?

amusing that the domain hosting this site is a two word domain

It's three..

The TLD doesn't count

why there is www too, I do not understand.



Ooof. Really hope no name-squatters misuse this tool. Please!!

The fact that you can't open any of the sub links in new tabs (1 domain left, notify me) is just so damn frustrating. why make this as some stupid one page app?!

I apologize for the faulty user experience - I gotta admit, the file structure for my app is rather rudimentary, as this was my first time building a Flask app and I didn't really put much thought into file structuring.

I'll make note of this and maybe make some changes to this in future versions of the app. Thanks a lot for your feedback!

I'm sorry, I really didn't mean to be too rude to you - I'm usually so polite online the rare times I even post.. its just that there's so many damn sites these days that do it - it totally breaks the normal/traditional browsing experience.

Again, thanks for being so cool, I didn't mean to really direct that at you- it was just a general "old man yells at cloud" kind of thing.

it's a great site btw, good luck with it!!

Nooo, don't need to apologize, I really appreciate the direct feedback - it's the kind of feedback that really helps you improve the user experience for your product after all! So yeah, thank you so much again for the feedback, and thanks for being so encouraging! :D

Too bad this only goes to godaddy and namecheap, both of which upsell you on whois guard privacy.

WHOIS guard privacy has been free on Namecheap for awhile

Name cheap has raised prices, I switched to porkbun

I'm considering adding a few other domain registrars like Domain.com, Porkbun, and Iwantmyname. Which one would you recommend to add first?

Namecheap probably got rid of privacy upsells because they had to. Namesilo is my favorite. They've had whois guard privacy since at least 2017.

Namesilo is a good option - I'll think about adding it to the mix. Thanks for the suggestion!

Slap Forward Email on your new domain and you've got email.


I just got a domain for the first time yesterday, and decided to go with migadu.com instead.

You can forward mail to/from gmail with it basically the same, it has a very low sending limit on the free plan (but I'm not sure if that applies to mail forwarded from gmail), and it claims to attach a footer on the free plan (like forwardmail.net does), but it doesn't actually seem to do so to mail forwarded from gmail. https://www.migadu.com/en/guides/gmail.html

Meanwhile it has it's own webmail/pop3/smtp servers so it will be easy to move away from gmail entirely in the future.

I also just really liked the tone of the website, I have a lot more confidence in them not doing scummy things than I do in forwardmail.net not doing scummy things (though that is just based on reading a website, not the most reliable indicator ever).

Anyways, we will see in a few months if I think I made the right choice.

I really like Migadu is offering - since I don't really send that many emails at the moment, I think the 10-email limit isn't too bad! And if it doesn't really attach a footer, that's even better! Thanks for sharing!

I'm the founder of Forward Email. We are 100% open source and privacy focused. We're the only service like this. Nobody compares in terms of respecting your right to privacy.

There is absolutely NO footer on the free plan. Where are you getting this information from? Are you just making false attacks to support your own service?

I have reported you to moderators.

Perhaps I misinterpreted this line in your faq?


Note that the "free plan" comment was about migadu's service not your service, migadu only ever adds text to the email on the free plan (as far as I can tell).

PS. The link in the TOC to that line in the faq is broken, presumably because of the extra dash before "in".

PPS. I have no relation to migadu except that I just signed up for it. The first time I heard of it was yesterday.

Migadu also limits you number of going mails a day. This is insanely bad practice, not to mention... have you read their Terms and Privacy policies? Steer clear for sure.

> Migadu also limits you number of going mails a day.

So does gmail (in their case to somewhere between roughly 150 and 500 depending on how you use the service). So does basically everyone if they don't want to get marked as a spammer and have their emails not delivered.

Migadu billing based on the number of emails per day is novel (to me), but having a limit is normal. Billing based on emails per day seems reasonable. The limit isn't strictly enforced either (per their website: https://www.migadu.com/en/drawbacks.html).

> have you read their Terms and Privacy policies

I have. They seem both reasonably short and not at all obnoxious. What issues do you have with them?

Super interesting! Does this allow you to send from said email as well?

Yes, of course.

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