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Why rust over go?

Different use cases.

Go was designed to be easy to use for un-demanding problems. People mostly switch to Go from Ruby, Python, or Java; or from C in places where C was an unfortunate choice to begin with.

Rust is gunning for C++ territory, in places where the greater expressiveness of C++ is not needed or, in cases, not welcome. They would like to displace C (and the world would be a better place if that happened) but people still using C at this late date will typically be the last to adopt Rust.

So you’re saying it should have better performance than go?

Sometimes. Better control of performance.

Easier to search for if nothing else.

I am mainly saying it is suitable for solving harder problems than Go. Most problems are not hard; Go is good enough for them, and easier to learn and use well.

All these languages are Turing-complete. The difference is in how much work it is to design and write the program, and in whether it can satisfy performance needs.

C++ wins here by being more expressive, making it better able to implement libraries that can be used in all cases. Rust is less capable, but stronger than other mainstream languages.

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