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Totally 100 million %

All conversation starts with breathing and we pick up on all sorts of signals even when people are trying to pretend otherwise

I've often said whoever controls the breathing controls the conversation and I say this as a former professional conversation instructor

People don't take hardly enough advantage of their lung capacity maybe with COVID we'll start taking this into consideration

I have a story to relate

I was working at a large private software company, the largest in north America think SalesForce but not SalesForce

The CTO was giving what was intended to be a pep talk but for some reason maybe nerves maybe he wasn't warmed up on the mic we could hear his wheezing breath

Nobody paid any attention to the message all anyone could talk about was the quality of his breath -- anything he had to say was completely lost

This article is another example of the mainstream only now catching up to things which we all know and have known for ages

People communicate on the level of subconscious and physiological signals and it's useless to pretend otherwise

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