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Anything using fossil energy also has such hidden issues.

And you have to consider the ecosystem:

- fossil fuel engines require much more maintenance than electrical engines, and now vehicules always embed heavy electronics anyway.

- fuel need to be transported at a heavy cost, which is now hidden by the massive demand. The day we use more solar than fossil, the whole fossil infra will suddenly feels very expensive

- most countries are not like the US and don't have oil on their soil. Countries don't like to be dependant on others for critical things. You may buy solar panels (or fuel engine) from a friendly country, but if things turn out badly, people can't cut sunlight from you one the initial setup is there.

Nothing is perfect of course, but I like the solar future we are hinted at.

I didn't suggest fossil-fuel-based energy production is superior.

Having said that - maintenance of cars using fossil fuels is not a relevant comparison, since we're talking about power plants.

Personally, I doubt that we can just -whoosh- swap the coal and petroleum for solar-based electricity and have our problems solved. It's likely that a lot of social effort to conserve more and waste less energy will be necessary to reach some sort of long-term-sustainable state of affairs.

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