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> C++ getting serious about safety. Buffer overflows and bad pointers should have been eliminated decades ago. We've known how for a long time.

The crowd that use C++ needs raw pointers sometimes, and you can't really prevent bad pointers and buffer overflows when they are used. There is a reason why Rust, which goal is to be a safer C/C++, supports unsafe code.

Smart pointers is a very good thing to have in the C++ toolbox, but they are not for every programmer. Game programmers, if I am not mistaken, tend to avoid them, as well as other features that make things happen between the lines, like RAII and exceptions.

The good thing about that messiness that is modern C++ is that everything is here, but you can pick what you want. If you write C++ code that looks like C, it will run like C, but if you don't want to see a single pointer, you have that option too.

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