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I've partially switched from MacOS X to Linux now that wayland pipewire is reaching a mostly functional state and am quite happy with it.

It took me maybe 150 hours to do the switch though during quarantine, and I still haven't managed to be able to properly connect to SMB at work...

What problem do you have connecting to SMB?

It's one of the things that work better for me on Linux than on MacOS (no problem with browsing shares, no disappearing shares, no problem with non-normalized unicode filenames).

It just doesn't connect / mount at all. Last time I tried to debug it, this was caused due to a too old samba protocol version being used on the Windows side.

On MacOSX, I just click on connect to server, and it works for me "as is".

On MacOS, I get randomly appearing and disappearing servers in the sidebar (they disappear usually when I need them) and "cannot be opened because the original item cannot be found" for already mounted shares. It also keeps permanently mounted "photos" share on my home NAS and bad things happen when I try force unmounting it (but if it disappears because I'm not connected to my home network, that's ok for some reason). This got especially bad in Mojave and Catalina; there was a period of time (10.15.0 - 10.15.2) when I had to restart Finder if I wanted to mount share that was previously unmounted.

Never happened that with Linux. What did happen that there was a period of time on some distributions (circa Fedora 28-30?), when SMB1 discovery didn't work because entire SMB1 was disabled. This was security migitation (EternalBlue/WannaCry/NotPetya) and Microsoft is doing the same in Windows 2016/2019/10[1][2]. In general, using SMB2/3 is good idea anyway, Linux distributions/Samba eventually enabled SMB1 only for client-side discovery, and you can still enable entire SMB1 if you need it for some reason - do you still have Windows 2003 someplace?

[1] https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/josebda/2015/04/21/the-d... [2] https://techcommunity.microsoft.com/t5/storage-at-microsoft/...

> Last time I tried to debug it, this was caused due to a too old samba protocol version being used on the Windows side

IIRC, the only smb version that would be considered too old is smbv1 (which I'd hope they are not using on the windows side... its quite insecure and is deprecated by microsoft).

I'm on Linux now, very interested in using Wayland+Pipewire, but still stuck on Xorg. What distro are you using?

I was considering building a Wayland/Pipewire Desktop software stack from scratch since my distro doesn't support them yet. I have become partial to experimenting with new software this way because it allows me to switch back to my known-good distro software without rebooting (most things I care about preserving the state of exist in the console anyway).

If it is relatively supported in a specific distro, I'm sort of interested in trying it.

I use Arch with Sway.

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