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> Somebody will probably make supercomputers out of rooms full of those.

So I learnt very recently that the PS5 has a cool approach where all memory is shared directly between the CPU and the GPU (if this is wrong someone please correct me). I would be really interesting to see how well the GPU in this could handle DL specific workloads, and if necessary, could it be tweaked to do so?

Because if so, that could be an absolute weapon or a DL workstation. If it does turn out to be feasible, I think it could be very easily justifiable to buy a few of those (for less than it would cost you to buy a major cloud provider GPU equipped instance for a couple of months) and have a pretty capable cluster. Machines get outdated or cloud provider cost comes down? Take them home and use them as actual gaming consoles. Win win.

This is how APUs (which is what the PS4/PS5/Xbox) use memory, the RAM is shared between the graphics and compute units. This can be an advantage since memory is quickly shared between the two (for example loading textures, etc).

This is also useful in computers since adding more RAM also adds more VRAM

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