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Jai? Jonathan Blow’s new programming language might be an option for you.


Jai doesn't do very much in terms of memory safety, Zig [1] might be a better alternative + it actually exists.

1 - https://github.com/ziglang/zig

What does Zig offers regarding memory safety? Isn't pointer manipulation as unsafe as C in Zig?

For example [1] & [2], with more being worked on. Now, Rust is king when it comes to memory safety, especially compile-time, and is miles ahead of anyone else, (not counting research languages), but Jai isn't really being designed to have much emphasis on memory safety, so am not sure it's fair to propose it as a Rust alternative if you're looking at memory safety.

1 - https://andrewkelley.me/post/unsafe-zig-safer-than-unsafe-ru...

2 - https://ziglang.org/#Performance-and-Safety-Choose-Two

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