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What if using macOS enables me to be a more effective FOSS contributor? What if I think that FOSDEM is actually has many participants who aren't really into free software?

Then they are on the wrong spot to start with, and really didn't got the message what FOSDEM is all about.

It is a bit hard to be an aspiring FOSS contributor given the foundations those contributions are built upon.

Those same Apple loving users would be laugh upon at FOSDEM if they demoed any of their stuff on Windows instead.

Yet, there is hardly any difference between those corporations going all the way back to their origins.

Somehow after NeXTSTEP's adoption as OS X, NeXT and Apple's proprietary behaviour was forgotten and everything excused, because "hey they are shipping an UNIX clone"!

> What if using macOS enables me to be a more effective FOSS contributor?

How would that work? When you build a house on rented ground the house may seem to be yours but it can always be taken away from you.

Your analogy isn't the best. This is like someone renting construction equipment to build a house on land they own, and finding out that the construction equipment phones home to the owners about how it's being used.

I’m familiar with macOS and contribute to a number of FOSS projects from it. I’m less productive on other platforms.

In that case you'd do both yourself and those who depend on you for your contributions a favour by taking some of that time to get acquainted with alternative platforms seeing as how Apple seems to be on a course which will make it harder and harder to use their platform for this purpose. Like the Boy Scouts (used to) say, "Be Prepared!". Install a (few) Linux/BSD distribution(s) in a VM and try using those for a while to get a feel of the platform and its strengths/weaknesses so you have somewhere to land when the time comes.

I do use Linux for some of my work, especially when I’m working with ELF binaries. Just not a comfortable with it.

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