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The goalpost moving by people here on HN is quite entertaining to watch. Hydroxychloroquine was just bought in bulk by the UK in case it turns out to be a cure.

Apparently the only people who are allowed to have opinions these days are academics employed by governments?

To be clear, the UK is undergoing a clinical trial with hydroxychloroquine. Hopefully it works, but as of now it's not known if the harms outweigh the benefits.

There are trials yes. And, to be clear, they're also bulk buying it:


I have no idea if this medicine will have any impact but at this point, I've seen so many people claim it's some sort of quack medicine/conspiracy/etc that it's important people realise that it's being taken seriously. As far as I can tell the moment Trump mentioned it a huge number of people decided it must, inherently, be wrong and have been wrongly attacking it ever since.

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