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Just saw your edit. My emphasis continues to be on unexpected and short notice, with an added obscure (notice that you missed it too) and opt-out. I should not need to be prepared to jump at a moment’s notice any time someone decides they want to “accelerate [their] mission.” (And I am going to opt out—or, more likely, delete my account altogether—but that doesn’t mean I can’t also complain on the Internet.)


The whole point is that they shouldn't have to ask...

There is very obviously something wrong at this point; reading Ammon’s responses to this thread has been enough to tell me that. I’m not sure what you expect me to do for anyone else; I can tell my Congressperson that I advocate for GDPR-like legislation, but since I didn’t accept the job offer I got from Triplebyte it’s not like I can change their site to turn this launch off for everyone else.

(I’m also baffled by your comment about virtue signaling. I’m publicly stating my opinion, yes, and given the number of upvotes I’m getting there seem to be people who agree with me; but my primary goal is not some sort of social signalling, but to respond to you in order to clarify my stance on the situation.)

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