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I think a problem is that some people feel the dog is attacking them, when the owner thinks the dog is being playful. That's how people get upset about dogs in my experience.

That's still not behavior that should be tolerated in an office environment. I would expect an office dog to behave to approximately the standard required in the Canine Good Citizen test. My dog would almost pass, but she's not good enough on the leash. I think that would be good enough for an office environment, but I certainly would not let her "play" with someone who thought she was "attacking" them.

You can’t know in advance that someone is going to interpret a dogs playful behavior with being attacked. If however you had a bad encounter and the owner failed to exercise more restraint, I would say that’s madness.

Of course not. If I ever I found out anyone thought my dog was harassing them, I would certainly make sure that she didn't get the opportunity to "harass" them again, regardless of what it was she was doing. That's just common sense, and no responsible dog owner would act otherwise.

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