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There was clear structure, OP disregarded it. Direct supervisor would have thought OP was doing the general onboarding like every body else.

That's a good point. On rereading it I realize that I got caught up in the part where OP's friends showed up to assist OP in getting started and I was trying to sort how you'd do that without knowing people there already (the situation I'll be in, as I've moved to another state entirely since graduating), but I suppose the onboarding process would hopefully have eventually dropped OP off somewhere on the right track.

Yeah I think the real problem here is that either the company was screwing up by putting very senior devs who don't need hand holding in with the noobs, or OP has a higher opinion of herself than warranted. Probably the former given how much of her stuff I've seen on here.

So yeah you would have been good. Probably worth keeping the lesson in mind though of if you're stuck between doing something the standard company way or listening to some grey beard saying "hey kid, do this instead", probably stick to the company way. It has built in training wheels the grey beard either just doesn't need or considers a hinderance.

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