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HP, HPE accused of coordinated plan to oust older staff (theregister.co.uk)
91 points by samizdis 11 days ago | hide | past | web | favorite | 15 comments

I work for a company that managed to keep an older and very incompetent guy for 15 years doing almost nothing; the guy was an IT technician coming part of an acquisition and they promoted him as manager at the time of the acquisition. I know him very well, I was probably his closest friend in the company: he was a very decent technician and a very nice person (that part explains the friendship), but not a manager, he did not ask for that and never wanted it, but due to legal constraints we could not demote him to technician, so he retired after being passed from one team to another every couple of years.

The same company, the same IT department, for 10 years no men was promoted but over 10 women were promoted. This is because we don't care about age, only about "diversity" so we don't hire and don't promote men. We have even cases where women in maternity leave were promoted (they were not active at that time, not even having a company laptop anymore) and also promoted someone who left the company after the announcement was made, so that the statistics of the promotions for that year would meet the targets. Strange thing, the 2 biggest pushers of these actions were 2 males, they had targets from above and did anything possible to exceed the targets (I heard them say they want 70% women in IT, we are just at 60%).

What I don't get is how incompetent IT technicians are even hired in the first place. I'm an IT worker in a large financial institution and none of my teammates have the slightest clue on how to do their jobs. The latest hire who was brought on as a combination worker/team lead tried to open a heap dump in Notepad this week...

COVID-19 couldn't have occurred at a worse time for me.

Competent technicians are hired to change cables in the server room, switch the tapes in the backup devices in smaller offices where there is no autoloader, reinstall Windows for end users, replace a keyboard etc. If you promote that guy to manager level you get a very incompetent manager.

Is that in London?

No, this is in a US office.

Are you a public company or aiming to sell? Part of parent company with similar strategy? Usually this kind of "diversification" generates sort of "good" news, inflating prices. Promoting ordinary dudes isn't something that moves the stocks.

It is one of the most known companies in the world, not IT but having products in almost every house. It is known for a very disputed toxic masculinity add not so long ago.

So they're the best a man can get. I don't see a problem.

In which country is that? In the German speaking world I've never seen diversity promotions, quite the opposite, you gotta be male, white and German to rise through the corporate ranks.

The company has offices in almost every country in the world, including a few in Germany. I know personally a lady in Germany that was just promoted on the same diversity fast-track, she is now a senior IT manager that cannot write a line of code in any language, cannot tell what is TCP vs UDP or have an idea what is the difference between HTTP and HTTPS. And I cannot say it is because she is too old for that, she is less than 30.

Damn, you're giving me serious FOMO. I've been working for the wrong company. =))

That’s sad! I’ve had an impression for long time that ageism is actually the most prevalent form of discrimination in IT

HP is attacked but tell me how many people retired from Amazon/Google/Fb... just because they have a tricky compensation system to lower old timer's salary below a new hire, it doesn't mean that is fair...

Source? This is conjecture

My personal experience is that there is no ageism in HP. In the HW part of the company experience seemed to be extremely valued. Always seemed like a company which is more loyal, than the average, with their employees. Disclaimer: I’m saying this having been an HP employee. All members of my team were extremely knowledgeable, capable and a fair share of them were also a couple of decades my seniors.

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