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A lifetime of lung problems (asthma, and many cases of pneumonia as a child) and martial arts has made me very conscious of my breathing. Spent a lot of time with physiotherapists working on breathing. In part just to strengthen muscles, but also to learn airway clearance techniques. Started practicing martial arts as a child, where there is often a strong focus on breath. Tried the Buteyko method for a while, but never fully internalized it.

There is, anecdotally, definitely some underappreciated value in slow breathing. Feeling anxious (for whatever reason)? Check your breathing and slow it down. Maybe throw in some alternate nostril breathing, though I'm not sure if it's the distraction that does it or the breathing. Light asthma attack and wheezing? Check your breathing, slow it down, maybe add some pursed lip exhalations. Major asthma attack? Inhaler :-).

But in spite of the improvements I've made to breathing while I'm awake, I still managed to develop sleep apnea. You win some, you lose some ...

It makes sense that controlling your breathing would help with asthma. After all, asthma is triggered by stressing your airways. If you can somehow do it less then that will help. I find it odd that this isn't taught to everyone who suffers from asthma. It could potentially save their life.

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