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> It's an ISA that looks set to be adopted in a pretty wide range of applications, web browsers, sandboxed and cross platform applications, embedded (into other programs) scripting, cryptocurrencies,

Imagine if the crowd didn't fall for the HODL hypers and called these things cryptolotteries or something like that -- they are a betting game after all -- how ridiculous would it look to include them in every discussion like this.

What are you adding to the discussion? This is a technical forum, the least you could do is comment on the use of Web Assembly in Ethereum or maybe anything of substance. There's a bunch of technically interesting topics to bring up but somehow I doubt you know anything about them.

I speak up against cryptocurrency because it's a cancer. It's a hype adding to climate change without any real world use case whatsoever.

Have you looked deeper than just hodl memes and Bitcoin? Ethereum is a highly technical project that doesn't really care about money and lots of people here on Hacker News find interesting topics regarding it. Web Assembly will be the base programming platform for example, which is one of the reasons he included it.

If you read about the Baseline protocol (EY, Microsoft, SAP etc building neutral interconnections between consortiums), ENS/IPFS, or digital identity systems you might find something that interests you and is more relevant than the mindless hodl ancaps. It's actually a pretty exciting field to be in as a computer scientist with almost no end of boundary pushing experiments and cryptographic primitives to play with and build on top of.

Thank you for your input, but thus is not TechCrunch. We understand the problems with PoW, and we also know that a lot of interesting research is being done on top of Ethereum. For your reference, Ethereum is moving away from PoW.

Most new cryptocurrencies are moving away from PoW because a.) it's a massive waste of electricity and b.) it's not actually secure anyway, because we've seen a consolidation of mining power with major ASIC customers who have cheap power costs (notably in China). Ethereum's moving to it in 2020 or 2021, and EOS, Stellar, Tezos, Cardano, etc. are already PoS or derivatives.

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